In Ancient Greek and Roman times, women carried bouquets to ward off evil spirits and to signify the start of a new life, fertility, and loyalty to their groom. Today, brides continue to carry floral bouquets as a part of this ancient tradition, but the modern-day bouquet is much more of an accessory representing the bride’s style and taste as opposed to something needed to ward off evil spirits!

The shape of the bouquet is just as important as the type of florals used. Here are just a few examples of the most popular styles that we have worked with over the years:

Round: A simple yet versatile design, the round bouquet is definitely a favorite amongst many a bride. This style tends to be monochromatic in color and will have more of the same type of bloom. Consistent and balanced is what best describes this style and works well with the more traditional bride.

Oval: A combination of a cascade and a round bouquet, this style tends to be larger and dramatic. This look works best with a more streamlined gown as opposed to a ballgown. Greenery will accent this bouquet beautifully and because it is a larger bouquet, more of the florals the bride desires can be used!

Photo by Alicia Thurston Photography

Cascade: With an abundance of florals at the top and long lines, this bouquet has a gorgeous waterfall effect and works very well with sheath dresses. Blooms tend to be loosely gathered at the top, draping downward and accented with flowing ribbons and greenery. This style of bouquet is for the bride that wants to make a statement with her florals on her wedding day!

Photo by Blynda Dacosta Photography

Organic: The perfect style for any bohemian bride. Free spirited and a little wild, this bouquet will compliment ethereal, flowing yet simple gowns. A mix of florals, textures and colors, fresh and dried stems make this a very unique.

Photo by Krista Fox Photography

Remember, certain florals will work better with one shape over another and the same applies to your gown. When meeting with a Floral Designer, be sure to include the details of your gown so that the shape of your bouquet compliments, rather than competes with your gown. And be sure that the shape is a true reflection your style, taste and theme.

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