Being in the floral design business for over 20 years, I have seen a lot of trends come and go and many that have stood the test of time. Floral trends do influence the look and feel of any occasion, especially weddings, and with the social media playing such a huge part in what people want these days, it’s no wonder that trends are a large part in the discussion during a consultation.

Photo by Robert Mauriell Photography

I believe that we are starting to move away from the organic, rustic feel that so dominated 2018. The ask now is for colors that really compliment Pantone’s color of the year, living coral such as blushes, whites and soft greens. A classic and clean feel is what you will see in bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

Photo by Rowell Photography

The size of bouquets will diminish as more and more bride’s look to emulate the simple, yet elegant, look of Megan Markle’s bouquet the day she wed Prince Harry. Mismatched bridesmaid bouquets are also on trend with many wedding party florals reflecting the different colored dresses and personalities of each individual.

Just as the bride’s bouquet makes a statement, so should the groom’s lapel pin. Lapel pins are moving away from the traditional rose or orchid to more edgy and bold designs with the use of succulents, herbs, hops, and even silk elements.

Photo by Laura May Photography

I am also seeing the return of darker, more moody florals incorporating deep reds, burgundy, and oranges and corals. These colors evoke feelings of warmth and romance, especially when combined with soft candlelight.

Décor is heavily influenced by floral installments that use industrial elements to make a bold statement. Glass, mirrors, the use of swings, silver metals and black and white color schemes are the perfect backdrop to showcase beautiful floral arrangements.

Most couples that I am now meeting with are shying away from emulating what they see on social media. As much as it does influence trends, couples are currently looking to make their special day their own. An accurate reflection of their style and taste, even if they are using the color of the year as part of their color scheme.

Trends are a great place to start when considering the theme, color and the look and feel of your event. However, it is essential to keep in mind that with any occasion, it’s always better to incorporate elements of what’s trending with classic design ideas that reflect the true essence of you as a couple.

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